Lighting Restoration in Little Rock 

In addition to our custom lampshade design, we also specialize in lighting restoration and lighting repair services. Have you ever turned on a lamp to find that the light won’t work, but when you replace the bulb, nothing happens? This occurs often, and most individuals will simply discard the lamp and purchase a new one.

However, this is a simple repair that can be made with the help of the team at The Shade Above. In addition to a wide variety of repairs, we can also restore your lamp to its former state.

Do you have a lamp that once belonged to your grandmother or one you purchased from an antique mall or estate sale? We can ensure that the lamp is working properly as well as ensure that it looks and operates the same as it did in the past. Our services range from socket repair to extensive rewiring of entire pieces. 

Professional lighting repair that you can trust!

Lighting Restoration Little Rock
The professionals at The Shade Above can also perform Antique Lamp and Chandelier Restoration. 

For more information about our lighting repair and lighting restoration services, please contact The Shade Above today!
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